Registration can be done directly via Google account or Apple account.

From the profile settings, the account information can be updated.

You can access all the lessons you've completed, and you can repeat them.

It is not possible to access the application for the same account from two devices at the same time.

The application works on devices with the Android operating system of version (10) or more.

The application works on devices with the IOS operating system of version (12) or more.

You can shake the device to take a screenshot, and you can add a written or voice note.

The application focuses on the skills of listening and speaking, which is the natural way to speak any language.

We believe that the correct and natural way to start mastering any language is by practicing conversation

Allows hearing the sentence segmented, includes the meanings of the sentences, allows control of the speed of the voice, includes synonymous words, translations, show/hide content.

The speed of the sound can be controlled through the "speed" symbol in the bottom right of the screen

You can press a sentence for several seconds, then click on each word to hear it on its own.

A sentence can be pressed for several seconds to show its meaning.

The aim of the Listening, Repetition, Response, and Question exercises is to train you in the various roles.

There are several synonyms in the notebook.

We started with English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian Soon we will offer more languages.

Currently, there is no available version for PC, but we can work on providing it later.